It all started so well…

The first descent into Zenopus Tower was brief but a great learning experience.  The PC’s ran a small loop through rooms N, J and A then hightailed it back up the stair into Portown.  The initial probing into the corridors of the tower involved the MU and Thief pushing the Dwarf into a scouting role due to his infravision and trap detecting ability.  Luckily for them no traps were present as he failed all of his checks.

Arriving at the door of room N they spent a lot of time arguing over how to enter (having heard nothing from within), eventually settling on bashing down the door.  After 5 noisy attempts they much to break in where they were confronted by several angry giant rats.  The rats turned out to be easy pickings for the bow-armed Thief (2 kills) and the Dwarf (1 kill), while the MU quivered in the corner waving his torch about.  The noise of combat attracted a couple of skeletons  – again the Thief and Dwarf accounted for 1 each while the MU cast Shield and continued to hide in the corner.

The sarcophagi in room N proved tempting – they jewellery and coronet from sarcophagi no. 3 & 4 were pilfered, while the MU finally made himself useful and warned against touching the dagger in no. 2.

The constant trickle of giant rats from the tunnels of room N caused some anxiety in the PCs, so they fled through the western door, barricading the door behind the with lids from the sarcophagi.

Again the Dwarf was used as monster bait, advancing through the corridors to room J where he was leaped upon by the enormous spider hiding in the shadows.  Luckily his armour kept him from harm until the thief decided to pitch a flask of oil at the spider.  The ensuing conflagration not only forced the spider to the back of the room, it also fried the Dwarf who, beard afire,  subsequently fled into room A – right into a goblin ambush.

The MU and Thief swiftly followed into room A to help the sizzling Dwarf while the spider was hedged by the pool of fire.  One Goblin was gutted by the Thief but the remaining trio proved to have the dice on their side.  The MU mumbled threatening words and made significant gestures at the goblins, convincing them that he was conjuring something awful, but instead turning tail and, with the help of the Thief , dragging the cooked Dwarf out of the Tower.

The PCs headed back to the Green Dragon Inn and found a healer in Portown to treat the Dwarf (he was down to a single HP!).  He’ll be laid up for a while, but this will give the party time to plan the next descent.

The session went well – there was a good balance of tension and humour, and the rewards balanced out the dangers.  Each party member found a role to play – the Thief as eagle-eyed archer, the MU as coward and, eventually, saviour, and the Dwarf as cannon-fodder.

I also made this table as a convenient way to track time and resources.  Feel free to pinch it. Tone’s Holmes Turn Counter.

Cheers, Bogeyman


3 thoughts on “It all started so well…

  1. Always great to hear actual play reports. Sounds like it was a good time by all.

    Your turn counter sheet is a great idea! One possible addition: rations. Each line is by the hour, perhaps a day’s worth of rations could be used up by the end of the sheet? Perhaps a separate line at the bottom to check off each day’s worth of rations?

    • Of course! Thanks Zenopus – I’d completely forgotten about rations. I think a separate line for rations at the page bottom would work best. I also think I should include a couple of blank tables to chart spell durations.

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