Below is my map of Portown based on the snippets of information that Holmes provides in his sample dungeon in his basic rules.  I’ve also added ‘Ajax’ Expeditions Unlimited’ from Holmes article ‘Warriors for Hire’ in Alarums & Excursions 11 (text at the Hall of the Mountain King).  The street plan for the map was put together using Zak’s simple and excellent Urbancrawl Rules.

Portown Blog Map Scaled UpKey:

(1) Tower of Zenopus, (2) Thaumaturgist’s Tower, (3) Cemetery, (4) Sea Caves (dotted line is tunnel from Tower of Zenopus), (5) The Green Dragon Inn, (6) Palace of Lord Profane (father of Lemunda the Lovely), (7) ‘Ajax’ Expeditions Unlimited’, (8) Southern Caravan Route, (9) Ruined walls of ancient, unknown city.

Holmes also mentions catacombs beneath Portown but I’ve yet to decide where the entrance/s will be.

Anything that I’ve missed?

Cheers, Bogeyman


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