A New Beginning… Of Sorts…

Despite quite a bit of work, my Hollow Earth campaign has been set aside.  While they liked the concept, my players just want a chance to hit goblins and chase loot.  I can understand where they are coming from and the work will not be wasted.  So I’ve set the Hollow Earth aside for future development and instead started to put together a new Holmes Basic campaign with Portown and the Tower of Zenopus adventure as our entry point.  The silver lining is a lot less work on my part (my being over-ambitious undoubtedly contributed to the Hollow Earth setting not quite gelling with everyone).

We have our first dungeon – now I just need to put together a simple map of Portown and its immediate surrounds if the dungeon proves to hairy and we can go from there.  This will also give me a chance to put into practice more of the great info and advice that I’ve been given from the OD&D Forums.

More updates soon for anyone watching this space.

Cheers, Bogeyman


3 thoughts on “A New Beginning… Of Sorts…

  1. I’d suggest placing your Hollow Earth campaign deep beneath the Portown dungeon, and perhaps having elements of it intrude to the surface on occasion. Perhaps Zenopus is lost down there somewhere. The players might find some artifacts from the inner world that he found hidden in an old store room.

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