My Hollow Earth

With their scions the Atlans, the Titans dwelt long beneath this inner-sun.  Ageless and immense they prospered in their subterranean cities– experimenters, engineers and inventors.  Life, evolution, and perception were their playthings.

‘Ere the inner-sun aged and its clean heat became a disintegrating fire: plumes of discharged radium brought pollution and black-death upon the Titans.  Tainted beyond repair it was the Titan Set who, reduced to insensible spite, roused Cthulhu from his slumber in dead R’lyeh and released his dreams into the hollow-world.

Those Titans still whole fled the contamination and nightmare of this broken earth to find a young, fresh sun under which to dwell, taking with them their Atlan allies.  Their creatures they discarded, to prosper or perish in the ruined remains.

Two yet remained to thwart the Old One and the tainted Titan: Set’s vat-brother Zeus – resentful, proud, manic and protected by the Aegis – and their inert father/forger Crom – vast, ancient and unyielding.

Now, amongst the remnants of the hollow-earth, the uncorrupted fight those poisoned in body and mind, while those writhing in the tendrils of Cthulhu’s dream conspire to unleash true horror into the world….


Cheers, Bogeyman


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